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  • "Had a great time with Dennis out in SF bay!! He was a real pro out on the water and an all arround great guy! Highly recommended!!"
  • "When my invite for ater sports in January, I thought. What!? Let's just ROCKED! We all had a great time, the Capt. was not only knowledgeable but fit right in and took us on a beautiful up-close tour of several of the Bay's waterfront highlights!"
  • "This was such a great trip. We sailed from Emeryville out to the Golden Gate Bridge and saw lots of dolphins and some seals."
  • "Captain Dennis is a funny, friendly, and down to earth guy. He ensures that all his passengers are comfortable and having a good time."
  • "Capt. Dennis is pretty much the coolest. A month after the sailing tour we bought a Catalina Capri. We requested a hands-on experience and got every bit we could handle!"
  • "We spent a wonderful day on the San Francisco Bay with Captain Dennis. The weather was made to order and the waves were awesome. We went out under the Golden Gate, that was great. Thank you Captain Dennis for a memorable day."
  • "We had a great time on our sail with Captain Dennis. He was a great host. Highly recommend this experience."
  • "My wife accepted a mid-January cruise. I thought she was crazy. Captain Dennis took us out to the GGB and along the City Front on what turned out to be a beautiful sail. We lingered around Alcatraz to watch the sunset.""

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San Francisco Bay Sailing F.A.Q.

  • What Do I Need To Bring When We Go Sailing?

Bring your camera or video recorder, sun glasses, a hat, sun screen, and a few extra clothes. Wear your clothes in layers too. First, wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt made of wicking material if you have it. Next, wear a long sleeve shirt or a sweater. Finally, bring a jacket and pants along with you just in case. If you forget something, donít worry about it, we can probably find something to loan you for the day. If you require medication or certain beverages, bring that as well. It is good to be prepared!

  • Do All Of The Sailing Tours Provide Food And Drink?

No, but you're welcome to bring your own. Please keep the food in soft-sided containers and no alcohol allowed please.

  • Can I Bring Along My Kids?

On public cruises, kids 16 or older are allowed. On private cruises, kids 7 or older are allowed.

  • What can we expect to do while underway?

There are tons of fun things to do while underway.  They include watching Pelicans dive for fish, trimming sails, hauling hind end in the "SLOT", spotting dolphins, talking with the Sea Lions at Pier 39, fishing, trolling, racing other boats, seeing if its possible to maintain a compass course, steering,  watching/laughing at our friends and relatives attempt to keep the sails full, smooching, eating chocolate, laughing at the freezing people swimming to Alcatraz, finding where we are on a chart, talking on the radio to other sailors, guessing at the speed of the boat, taking a nap, EATING cookies and drinking tea, video taping, taking pictures, using binoculars to "spy," pretending to fly from the bowrail, and my personal favorite, letting go of the HURRY UP WORLD!"  Plus many, many more ways of having a great time!


  • We want to learn about the San Francisco Bay... can we?

Absolutely!  You and your guests are in for a day of fact finding!  Did you know that the average depth of the Bay is less than 20 feet.  That it is true that people have escaped from Alcatraz.  San Francisco Bay is an incredible area, full of amazing facts.  I will be more than happy to share what I know of the Bay with all interested in finding out.

  • Do you have a set itinerary or schedule for the sailing tours?

Yes, please check out our calendar here for the latest schedule.

  • Is there an enclosed cabin where people can sit inside?

What's it like down below?  If, I should say when, the winds start to pick up and it get a bit chilly, there are options!  The sailing vessel "Imagine"  has a couple of ways to get out of the wind and spray.  Camping out on the high side of the boat under the dodger is a wonderful way of staying warm and dry while still experiencing all of the sights, if you want to be even warmer, go below!  There, you will find comfy couches, pillows, coffee and tea. You will still be able to have a look out from the cabin through the ports.  Enjoy a romantic hideaway down below with scented candles, soft music, and the glow of the gimbaled brass lantern.  Bring along your favorite CD, sit back, relax and enjoy!

  • What if the weather is bad?

Cruises will go out in light rain or other moderate weather conditions. If the Captain cancels the trip due to severe or unsafe weather conditions, guests will be allowed to reschedule or receive credit for a future event.

  • What do people tend to enjoy most about these cruises?

Different people enjoy different parts of the trip. Sometimes it is the thrill of seeing dolphins jump outside the Golden Gate Bridge, or seeing the sunset, or getting to steer in high winds, or having a conversation with your family and friends.

Sailing San Francisco Bay is also a chance to unwind and recharge your internal batteries. There are no outside distractions, just you, the wind, the water and the boat.

You will remember this experience for years!!!